Sewatek – Pioneer of
service penetration technology

Family-owned company

Sewatek Oy is a growing family-owned company that has been manufacturing different electrical and HPAC service penetrations since 1989. Our base of operations is currently in Askola, Finland, and we employ around 15 people. We deliver different service penetration solutions to thousands of new apartments all across Finland on an annual basis. We work in close co-operation with different operators in the construction business and manufacture products that offer both costs savings and increased quality in the different stages of construction. Sewatek is also active in Sweden.

Expertise through specialisation

At the beginning Sewatek's product range was quite extensive and contained air duct elements, for example. 2003 the company decided to focus on fire secure penetration seals. General developments in the field of firestop technologies and the authorities' increased attention to the safety impacts of these formerly often overlooked structural components have of course also played a role in Sewatek's success. Our selection of firestop products has since grown and even our oldest products have received significant updates. However, one crucial component of all Sewatek firestops has remained the same throughout the years: the Sewatek lead through pipe.

Product selection

Today our product selection consists of products we manufacture ourselves as well as complementary service penetration products from third party suppliers. With our flexible range we are able to offer solutions to most any situation where fire compartmentalising service penetrations are required and our selection is constantly growing and evolving. Our products are thoroughly tested and certified and have for example ETA-approvals and CE-marks.

Sewatek is a versatile manufacturing company with excellent customer service. 

Our deep specialisation in safe and secure service penetrations and our own manufacturing operations enable us to expand our expertise even further and deliver products that precisely meet the specific requirements of the customer's building site. The majority of our products are dimensioned to order while the delivery times are kept very short. We still handle most of our sales directly even though several retailers have been interested in our products.

Finnish Firestop Association

Sewatek Oy is a member of the Finnish Firestop Association.

What are Sewatek's products used for?

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