Roxtec RS seal

The RS service penetration is intended for individual
cables or pipes.Roxtec RS seal

Flexible solution for cable and pipe. Several sizes from small to large. Even each product size is suitable for wide range of cable and pipe dimensions.

Technical information

Guidelines for selecting the right product

The RS service penetration consists of a frame and a sealing element. It is made of two halves, which makes it easy to install even around a pre-existing pipe or cable. In civil defence shelters in the S1 class, a one-sided installation is enough, which means that the service penetration is installed on the pressure side, i.e., on the external surface of the structure.

Product      Diameter of the pipe/cable          Hole size (mm)

RS 25                  0 + 3.6-12                                 25-26
RS 31                  0 + 4-17                                    31-32
RS 43                  0 + 4-23                                    43-45

RS 50                  0 + 8-30                                    50-52
RS 68                  0 + 26-48                                  68-70
RS 75                  0 + 24-54                                  75-77
RS 100                0 + 48-70                                 100-102

 * size 0 means that the core of the sealing module is not removed but the module is instead reserved for later use.