Roxtec R frame

R frame for one or more pipes or cables, also reservations for new pipe and cables.Roxtec R frame

Very flexible and easy alternative for a service penetration for several cables. The series contains products for wide range of cables according to cable dimensions and amount.

Guidelines for selecting the right product

The R service penetration consists of a frame and Roxtec sealing modules (RM) installed inside it. In civil defence shelters in the S1 class, a one sided installation is enough, which means that the service penetration is installed on the pressure side, i.e., on the external surface of the structure.

Product Feed-through space Hole size mm Default seals

R 70 40x40 70-72 RM 20w40 (2 pcs)
R 75 40x40 75-77 RM 20w40 (2 pcs)
R 100 60x60 100-102 RM 40 10-32 (1 pcs), RM 20 (1 pcs), RM 20w40 (2 pcs)
R 125 80x80 125-127 RM 40 10-32 (1 pcs), RM 20w40 (6 pcs)

The service penetrations usually consist of the seals listed in the table, but other configurations are also possible. Sewatek keeps the following RM sealing modules in storage:

Product Outer dimensions ø* of pipe/cable that may be fed through

RM 15w40 15x40 0 + 3.5-10.5 (3 pcs)
RM 20w40 20x40 0 + 3.5-16.5 (2 pcs)
RM 20 20x20 0 + 4-14.5
RM 30 30x30 0 + 10-25
RM 40 10-32 40x40 0 + 9.5-32.5

* size 0 means that the core of the sealing module is not removed but instead the module is reserved for later use.

The sealing module is made to fit each cable by peeling off the right number of layers.