The benefits of an industrial firestop

An industrially manufactured firestop penetration offers a host of benefits to all parties involved in a construction project. What follows is a general list of these benefits. An industrial service penetration saves not only time and trouble but also, and most importantly, money. All features of Sewatek penetrations are clearly defined and traceable. The products have been issued the European Technical Assessment (ETA) document and they carry the CE marking.

Less trouble

An industrial service penetration is easy to install into the element in the moulding stage either at the factory or at the construction site without significantly adding to the duration of the work stage. After this stage, no other work stages are required until the final post-installation sealing (regular acrylic caulk will do).

Time savings

As the previous point demonstrated, using industrial service penetrations will result in significant cost savings over the course of the construction project. Schedule-wise the savings result from having quick-to install service penetrations that are immediately ready for piping and that already work as firestops. There is no need to find room in the schedule for a second-stage moulder, firestop installer or plumber and juggle them in the right order.

Cost savings

Our customers in the concrete industry have calculated that a ready-made service penetration already saves money in the element-moulding stage when compared to a space reservation. The situation is probably the same at the construction site when several work stages, second stage moulding materials and firestop accessories are no longer required, which is sure to translate into significant savings.

Structural benefits

An industrial service penetration enables better concrete reinforcement than a space reservation and the reinforcement can also be done in between the pipes in the penetration set. When the moulded structure is hole-free, it is stronger both during transportation and as part of the building. The hairline cracks associated with second-stage concrete are also absent.

Extensive product range and quick deliveries

We manufacture lead-throughs for water and heating pipes and electrical wiring with different centre-to centre distances. Our products are always made to order. Our normal delivery time is one week, but we often manage to deliver the products even quicker. We also do quantity surveying based on blueprints – at no additional cost.

Special benefits for construction companies

The workload is reduced as an industrial service penetration requires no second-stage pouring. This also eliminates the drying delay associated with second-stage concrete and the work stages become less dependent on each other. All the second-stage work that is needed is sealing the end of the linepipe with acrylic caulk to improve soundproofing and to ensure the tightness of the seal in normal conditions (in a fire situation the heat of the fire will expand the service penetration to seal it effectively).

Special benefits for wall element manufacturers

An industrial service penetration is easy to install and it increases the wall element's processing degree. The easiest way to place the service penetration into the mould (horizontal or vertical) is to use magnets, which we can also provide. Placing the penetration into the mould allows for a lot more freedom when reinforcing the concrete than a space reservation would as it allows the reinforcements to pass in between the penetration pipes in many cases. This means the element is not significantly weakened at the service penetration. If the building plans change after the element has been poured, Sewatek's renovation penetrations are an easy and cost-effective solution.

Special benefits for electrical and HPAC renovation and diamond drilling

At a renovation site, Sewatek's retrofittable renovation penetrations are a great solution for existing structures. They can easily be installed by an electrical engineer, HPAC fitter, construction company or even by a diamond driller who wishes to increase their work's processing degree. Our products can also secure fire-compartmentalisation during construction if the diamond drilling and HPAC installation stages are not conducted immediately after. All secondary work that is required is sealing the end of the linepipe/cable with acrylic caulk.

When a Sewatek electrical service penetration is installed in the construction stage, room can be left for additional lead-throughs, which makes adding cables during renovation easy without having to disturb the rest of the structure. This is why it is often recommended to leave room for future requirements as well.

Civil engineer Jukka Järveläinen has conducted a comparative study on service penetrations for the civil engineering department of the former South Karelia University of Applied Sciences (now known as the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences).

An industrially manufactured service penetration is without competitors, with the exception of old construction methods. All factors besides familiarity speak for the use of ready-made service penetration products.