Product acceptances

Sewatek service penetration seals and other products selling by Sewatek (Ltd) have been thorough tested and have ETA-acceptances and CE-markings.

CE-marking can be held a guaranteeĀ of quality, but one always has to check the performance of each product in the circumstances that are in question.

Product acceptances of Sewatek service penetration seals

Sewatek penetration seal pipe mounted in concrete wall or floor (also series Sewatek H and S)
The penetration seal of Sewatek D-series mounted in concrete constructions
The penetration seal of Sewatek D-series mounted in massive wooden constructions

Certificate of Constancy of Performance 0809 - CPR - 1149

Assumed intended working life

According to ETA-acceptances 25 years.

Roxtec-penetration seals

Acceptances of Zapp-Zimmermann products

ZZ-Fire protection mastic (ZZ 333)
ZZ-Fire protection foam (ZZ 330)
ZZ-Fire protection block (ZZ 230)
ZZ-Fire protection blug (ZZ 130)
ZZ-Fire protection collar